Tom's Hardware's Best Of Computex 2013 Awards

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US

We saw a wide array of great products at Computex this year, but a few stood out as exceptional. We've distinguished a handful of the most compelling examples with Tom's Hardware's Best of Computex 2013 award.

The Tom’s Hardware editorial team was presented with a staggering number of products to pore over at this year’s Computex. Only a few stood out as exceptional, though. At the show, we recognized those offerings with Tom’s Hardware’s Best of Computex 2013 awards.

Without a chance to test these brand-new components, we've based our selections on items that appear to have a lot of potential due to innovative features, value, or a combination of both.

Gigabyte deserves credit for bringing in well-known overclocker HiCookie to aid in the design of tweak-friendly motherboards. The result of their collaboration is the Z87X-OC and Z87X-OC Force, both stuffed with features that enthusiasts will find useful. For example, OC Ignition delivers power to the system without spinning up the CPU, but driving cooling component and PCI slots. Those same slots can be turned on and off individually via DIP switches. A graphics card bracket and I/O ports on the back of the board make life on an open test bench that much easier. The power connector is infused with more metal so that it doesn’t melt under heavy loads. We could go on, but you get the picture: these boards are particularly special for guys like us who spent more time with hardware running outside of a case than in. Therefore, we’re awarding the cheaper and more accessible of the two platforms, Gigabyte’s $200 Z87X-OC, with Tom's Hardware's Best of Computex 2013 for pure innovation.